The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
I Don't Like Mondays: A Routine Activities Approach to Examining Mass Murder Session 409: HO8
I'm a Twenty-First Century Woman Living With a Twentieth Century Man Session 373: VW16
The Identification and Protection of Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses in England and Wales Session 307: CT3
Identifying Thresholds of Substance Use and Their Relationship to Criminal Involvement Session 29: AL2
Ideology and Etiology in Twentieth Century Criminology Session 359: CL13
Idle Hands: The Effects of Unstructured Time on the Frequency and Severity of Spousal Violence Session 10: EC1
If Our Students Could Choose, Would They Go for Criminological/Criminal Justice Research Methods? Session 348: SU3
Illegal Southern Culture: Moonshining in the Hills of North Georgia Session 100: RE2
Illegal Video Poker Machines and Small Business Crime Deterrence in Pennsylvania Session 225: VL1
Illicit Drug Lazws in the United States Session 188: DP3
IMAGINE: From the Restorative State to No State Session 187: CL6
Immigration Restrictionism, Minority Visibility and Incarceration: Germany 1970-1997 Session 143: GL2
The Impact of "Truth-In-Sentencing" Sentencing Structures on Inmate Behavior, or, Which Works Better--Predictability or Carrots and Sticks? Session 50: RP2
The Impact of a "Weed" Program on Minority Residents' Attitudes Towards the Police Session 157: PO5
The Impact of Baltimore's 3-1-1 Call System on Street Level Officer Work Routines Session 293: PL13
Impact of Changing Dynamics of Inmates Serving Life Sentence in Texas Session 297: SE6
Impact of Community Characteristics on Gang Related Activity Near Schools Session 161: GA1
The Impact of Community Policing Practices and Policies on Citizen's Attitudes and Perceptions Session 3: PO1
Impact of Correction Boot Camps on Recidivism: A Systematic Review Session 41: IS2
Impact of Crime on Mixed and Elderly Housing Session 256: CP8
The Impact of Different Forms of Knowledge in Attitudes to Sentencing Session 8: CJ1
The Impact of First Juvenile Arrests on School Attendance and Performance Session 285: JJ14
The Impact of Gender Inequality on Rape Rates in U.S. Cities: A Racially Disaggregated Analysis Session 155: VW4
The Impact of Gun Laws and Gun Levels on Crime Rates Session 114: GU2
The Impact of Medical Resources Upon Criminally Induced Lethality: A Cross-National Assessment Session 63: HO2
The Impact of Multiple Transitions on Delinquency and Substance Use Among Native American Adolescents Session 146: JU6
The Impact of NIBRS on the Quality of Homicide Data Session 259: DM2
Impact of Parental Incarceration on Children Session 50: RP2
The Impact of Population Caps on Community Policing Session 30: PO2
The Impact of Pre-Dispositional Detention on Subsequent Case Processing Outcomes of Violent Youths in Juvenile and Adult Court Session 214: JJ11
The Impact of Question Order Effects When Assessing Self Report Measures of Intimate Partner Violence Session 47: LA9
Impact of Roe v. Wade on Crime Session 396: ST2
The Impact of Sentencing Reform on the Trends and Nature of Probation Revocations Throughout the United States Session 78: SE1
Impact of State Differences in Sentencing Instructions on Juror Confusion in Capital Cases Session 193: JD2
The Impact of Structural Variables on Juvenile Crime: Does Gender Matter? Session 62: GE3
Impact of Substance Use on Criminal Behavior Over the Life Course Session 392: LC8
Impact of Tenant Patrols on Crime Session 256: CP8
The Impact of Violence on Neighborhood Business Activity Session 40: HO1
Impacts of Gun Denial Provisions on Gun Violence Session 233: GU5
Implementation of the Extended Willard Drug Treatment Program in New York Session 64: IS3
Implementing a Comprehensive Database for Statewide Research on the Education of Delinquent Youth Session 320: RP14
Implementing a Family Skills Training Program in Out-Patient Substance Abuse Treatment: The Philadelphia Strengthening Families ProjecP Session 7: CP1
Implementing Concept Mapping Techniques in the Evaluation of Comprehensive Community Initiatives Session 142: ER6
Implementing Sentencing Reform Under Guidelines: A Test of the Hydraulic Displacement Thesis Session 128: SE2
Implications of Early Childhood Delinquency Prevention Research on Correctional Programs and Interventions Session 217: LA35
Importance of Group Differences in Measuring and Testing General Strain Theory Session 371: SA4
The Imposition and Effects of Restitution in Four Pennsylvania Counties Session 411: IS4
Impression Management and Voir Dire: The Effect of Individual Versus Group Questioning Upon Impression Management Strategies of Potential Jurors Session 306: CT2
The Imprisoned Discipline: Zinn, Foucault, and the Crime/Knowledge Conundrum Session 221: RP8
Improving Mental Health Service Delivery to Juvenile Offenders: Does Profession Influence Perceptions? Session 413: JJ17
In the Presence of One's Peers: Blue Swarming and Its Implications for Everyday Patrol Work Session 48: PL2
Incarcerated Women and Role Strain: The Importance of Doing Mothering Session 310: GE13
The Incidence of Repeat Victimization for Commercial Burglary and Robbbery Session 76: PL5
The Indiana Victim Services Assessment Project: Final Report Session 20: LA2
Individual and Organizational Factors Influencing Police Perceptions of Persons With Mental Illness Session 129: OP1
Individual, Group and Contextual Indicators of Crime and Victimization at an Historically Black College and University Session 131: SV2
Industrial Composition, Employment Opportunity, and County Crime Rates: Examining the Beginning of the Causal Process Session 385: EC4
The Industry of Kidnapping in Colombia Session 337: LA50
Inequality and Crime in China Session 216: LA34
The Influence of Parents of Children's Delinquency: An Examination of Neutralization Theory Session 213: JU8
The Influence of Race/Ethnicity on the Development of Negative Adult Consequences of Childhood Victimization: Violence, Depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Session 295: RE5
The Influence of Stereotypes on Vocational Programming for Women Inmates Session 6: CI1
Informal Sanctions and White-Collar Offenders: Does Corporate Status Affect Offending Decisions? Session 276: WC6
Inside America's Terrorist Underground (Northeastern University Press, 2002) and Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook (Anderson Publishing Co.) Session 104: TE2
Inside Jobs Session 71: LA14
The Institutional Context of Substance-Abuse Treatment Programs and Treatment Outcomes: Results From the Federal TRIAD Study Session 351: AL10
Institutional Segregation: The "New" American Apartheid? Session 342: MJ2
Integral View of Capital Punishment Session 71: LA14
Integrated Treatment Approaches for Prison Inmates With Co-Occurring Disorders Session 351: AL10
Integrating Learning and Control: The Learning of Conformity Session 410: IT3
Integrating Results From NIJ's ADAM Program and the DEA's STRIDE System: The Development of a Retail-Level Drug Price Series Session 110: DP2
Integrating Social Disorganization and Routine Activities Theories: The Importance of School-Level Time Use for Explaining Individual-Level Delinquency Session 31: CO1
Integrating Traditional and Critical Theories: Gendered, Raced, and Classed Pathways Towards Crime, Substance Abuse, and Desistance Session 381: CL14
Inter-RaterAgreement and the Use of Level of Service Inventory-Revised Session 407: DM5
Interagency Coordination of Services Through a Social Support Network Session 255: CP7
Intergenerational Transmission of Problem Behavior: Effects of Parent's Prior Adolescent Substance Use on Late Behavior Problems in Their Children Session 240: LC4
Intermediate Outcomes of a Brief Intervention With Probationers: Probation With an Attitude! Change? Session 54: AL3
International Comparative Survey Methodology: Public Opinion of the Courts - The Mongolia Challenge Session 4: CH1
The International Court of Justice and the Control of State Crime Session 230: CL9
International Terrorism: U.S. and Israeli Perspectives Session 324: TE5
International Trade Secrets Risks and American Law Enforcement Session 386: GL5
The Internet as a Vehicle for Software Piracy: White-Collar Delinquency and Warez Session 301: WC7
Interpersonal Communication in Homicide: The Important of Scripts Session 102: SO2
Interpersonal Conflict ManagemInterpersonal Conflict Management Interventions in Schools: Exploring Moderators and Mediators of Program Effectiveness Session 112: ER5
Intersectionality and Juvenile Offending Session 12: GE1
Interviewing Violent Offenders: Factors Related to Participation in Research and Reliability Session 407: DM5
Interwoven Trajectories of Delinquent Peer Networks and Delinquent Behavior: Testing Interactional Theory Session 341: LC6
Intimate Partner Homicide in Chicago, Updated Session 145: HO3
Intimate Violence Among Gang-Affiliated Mexican American Adolescent Females Session 310: GE13
Intimate Violence and the Laws of Marriage and Family Relationships Session 185: CP6
Intimate Violence Victims' Contacts With the Criminal Justice System: The Experience of Immigrant Women Session 80: VW2
Intra-Individual Variability in Crime and Its Relation to Local Life Circumstances: A Comparison of Three Causal Models Session 392: LC8
Intraprison HIV Transmission and the Prison Subculture Session 107: CI4
Invest in Prisons, It's Good for Business" Session 287: LA42
Investigating the Contextual Effects of Campus Victimization: Results of a National Sample Session 155: VW4
Investigating the Generality of General Strain Theory: Strained Cops and Their Violent Responses Session 153: SA1
An Investigation Into Virtual Re-Victimisation Session 93: LA20
Investigation of the Relationship Between Women's Incarceration and Male Intimate Partner Violence: Implications for System Response and Prevention Session 79: VW1
Involuntary Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders in New Jersey: How Does it Compare to Other States? Session 297: SE6
Irony of Patriarchy: Women Offend Women Session 88: GE4
Is Ecstasy Really Different? Investigating the Risk and Protective Factors of Ecstasy Use Vis-aVis Other Drugs Among Public School Students Session 205: AL9
Is Marriage a Turning Point in Deviant Life Courses? Endogeneity, Marital Quality, and Involvement in Crime and Deviance in Early Adulthood Session 392: LC8
Is Terrorism Learned? A Subcultural Learning Theory Perspective of Terrorism Session 224: TE4
Is the Death Penalty Applied Fairly? An Empirical Evaluation of the Maryland Capital Punishment System, 1978-1999 Session 20: LA2
Is Transfer the "Capital Punishment of the Juvenile Justice System?" Session 116: JJ5
The Issue of Social Justice in Indian Country Session 25: RE1
Issue Voting and the American Electorate: The Special Case of Fear of Crime Session 218: LS1
Issues in Peacemaking Criminology Session 382: CL15
Issues in the Availability of Health Care for Women Prisoners Session 184: CI5
'It's Just Part of the Game': Toward a Typology of Sports Crime Session 223: SV5

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