The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gambling on Crime: Can Punishment Actually Encourage Offending? Session 309: EC3
Gang Membership and Substance Use in a Representative Sample of Arizona High Schools Session 231: GA3
Gang Participation in a National Sample of Secondary School Students Session 231: GA3
Gangs and Native Americans Session 161: GA1
Gangs and Shootings in South Manchester, UK Session 212: GA2
Gangs in the Hood: The Influence of Street Gangs on Fear of Crime Session 161: GA1
Gangsta Rap Music and Violence Session 318: ME2
The Gap Between Research and Training in the Detection of Deception Session 319: PL14
Gender and Community Influences in Lethal and Non-Lethal Violence: Recent Findings From Miami Session 82: AL4
Gender and Crime Among Young Adults: Modeling Differences in Level and Developmental Processes of Violent and Non-Violent Offending in Males and Females at Age 18 Session 240: LC4
Gender and Diversity: Exploring New Entanglements in Prime Time Crime Session 165: GE9
Gender and Homicide in Rural Areas Session 312: HO6
Gender and Intimate Partner Violence Among African American Youths Session 190: GE10
Gender and Reactions to Strain: A Latent-Variable Modeling Test of General Strain Theory Session 202: SA2
Gender and Sentencing: An Examination of Florida's Truth in Sentencing Policy Session 151: SE3
Gender and the Response to Violent Crime Session 164: GE8
Gender and the Stress Process: The Significance of Interpersonal Autonomy for Depression and Criminal Behavior Session 202: SA2
Gender Differences in Delinquent Trajectories: The Mediating Roles of Family Relationships and Peer Influence Session 387: JU13
Gender Differences in Deterrence: A Survey of Male and Female Inmates Session 10: EC1
Gender Differences in Drug Use, Health, and Health Service Utilization Among Incarcerated Substance Abusers Session 179: AL8
Gender Differences in Negative Affect and Behavioral Responses to Strain: A Test of General Strain Theory Session 202: SA2
Gender Differences in Psychiatric Diagnosis in Incarcerated Youth Session 332: GE14
Gender Differences in Resilience Among Abused and Neglected Children Grown-Up Session 244: PS2
Gender Differences in the Criminal Consequences of Childhood Victimization in the Northwest Session 244: PS2
Gender Differences in the Criminal Consequences of Early Childhood Victimization in the Midwest Session 244: PS2
Gender Differences in the Impact of Child Maltreatment on Early Adult Criminality in the Rochester Youth Development Study Session 244: PS2
Gender Differences in the Probability of Problem Cannabis Use: A Matter of Exposure or Vulnerability? Session 62: GE3
The Gender Division of Labor in Policing Session 45: LA7
Gender Patterns in Youth Homicide Victimization in the United States, 1993-1998 Session 145: HO3
Gender Role and Ideology and Male Violence Against Women Session 420: VW19
Gender, Delinquency and Social Control Theory: Addressing a Persistent Critique Session 85: CS3
Gender, Labor Market Stratification, and Urban Violence: Assessing the Direct and Indirect Linkages Session 145: HO3
Gendered Application of Contempt as a Justification for Securely Detaining Juveniles Session 357: CT5
Gendered Perceptions of Relationship Violence Among Urban Youth: The Effects of Domestic Violence Prevention Education Session 420: VW19
A General Strain Theory Model of Community Level Drug Activity Session 419: SA6
General Strain, Delinquency, and Gang Membership Session 153: SA1
Getting Randomized Field Trials Done: The USA, U.K., and Australian Experience Session 11: ER1
Getting Tough on Probationers: Back to Basics Session 354: CB13
Girl Fight: Female Against Female Violence and Victimization Among Mexican American Adolescents Session 162: GE6
Girls in Trouble in Georgia: Who They Are, What They Need, and How the Systems Set Up to Help Them Often Set Them Up to Fail Session 100: RE2
Girls' Delinquency and Violence: Making the Case for Gender-Responsive Programming Session 163: GE7
Girls, Their Children and Delinquency Session 17: JU2
A Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Harm Reduction Among Pregnant Women Who Use Cocaine Session 246: RP10
Globalization and Gendered Justice Session 209: CL7
"Go and Sin No More": Therapy and Exorcism in the Contemporary Rhetoric of Deviance Session 27: SL1
The Growing Social Disorganization of Prisons and Incidents of Violence and Riots Session 119: LA25
Gun Carrying in the Context of Disruptive Psychopathology: Predictors and Outcomes From Childhood Through Young Adulthood Session 335: JU11
Gun Suicide and Homicide, Young Black Males Session 334: HO7

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