The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
The Early and Rocky Transition to Adulthood in Severely Distressed Households Session 414: LC9
The Early Years in Academe: Grantsmanship, Scholarship, and Charting Your Own Course Session 390: LA59
Ecological Co-Morbidity: The Spatial Clustering of Homicide and Adverse Health Outcomes in Chicago Neighborhoods Session 311: HO5
Economic Insecurity and Punitiveness Toward Welfare, Immigration, and Crime Session 308: CL11
Economic Properties of Illicit Drug Markets in Istanbul, Turkey Session 282: DP5
The "Ecstasy Experience": A Case Study of the Contextual Components of Dance Clubs and Club Drug Use Session 205: AL9
Educating for Peace and Social Justice: Intentional Learning in a Criminal Justice Classroom Session 280: CJ6
The Effect of Downward Shifts in Maximum Jurisdictional Age of Juvenile Court on the Age Distribution of Arrests: Reports on Some National Samples Session 66: JJ4
The Effect of Gang Membership on Prison Rule Violations Session 305: CI7
The Effect of Incarceration and Reentry on Families, Children, and Communities Session 254: CB8
Effect of Job Access on Unemployment and Crime: A GIS Analysis of Cleveland, Ohio Session 339: LA52
The Effect of Negative Emotion on Drug Use Among High School Dropouts: An Empirical Test of General Strain Theory Session 153: SA1
The Effect of Neighborhood Culture on Crime and Policing Efforts Session 326: PO10
The Effect of Participation in the Baltimore City Drug Court Treatment Program on Rearrest Over a Two-Year Period Session 38: DP1
The Effect of Perceptions of Sanctions on Offenders in the Breaking the Cycle Demonstration Project: Tacoma, WA and Jacksonville, FL Session 189: ER7
The Effect of Social Capital on Jury Attendance Rates: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Session 306: CT2
Effective Gender-Responsive Interventions in Juvenile Justice: Addressing the Lives of Delinquent Girls Session 65: JU3
Effectiveness of Intermediate Sanctions in NSW Local Courts: A Natural Experiment Session 411: IS4
The Effectiveness of School Resource Officers: A Longitudinal Analysis Session 206: PO7
The Effectiveness of the Self-Appraisal Questionnaire (SAQ) as an Offenders' Classification Measure Session 96: LA23
The Effects of Age and Experience on Decision-Makers in the Criminal Justice Field Session 221: RP8
The Effects of Alcohol Intoxication and Anger on the Robustness of the Rational Choice Model Session 111: EC2
Effects of Belief in Token Resistance, Hypermasculinity, and Female Alcohol Consumption on Perceptions of Date Rape Session 204: VW8
The Effects of Crime-Related Media on Californians' Opinions About Crime and Three Strikes Sentencing Session 415: ME3
The Effects of Gender on Sentencing Outcome for Embezzlement Under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines Session 39: GE2
The Effects of Head Start and Juvenile Delinquency Session 279: CP9
Effects of Mass Media Interventions on Drug Abuse: Changes in Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior Session 112: ER5
Effects of Media on Perceived Risk, Fear of Gang Crime and Resulting Protective Behaviors Session 203: SU1
The Effects of Neighborhood and Family Resources on Adolescent Violence and Depression: An Examination by Gender Session 252: CO9
The Effects of Parental Criminal Involvement on Juvenile Delinquency: An Examination of Youth Participating in the Chicago Area Project's Juvenile Justice Diversion Program Session 95: LA22
The Effects of Personal Characteristics on Offender Success in a Therapeutic Community Session 137: CB4
Effects of Police Gun Suppression Patrols on Shots Fired and Gunshot Injuries: Estimating Impacts of Naturally Occurring Interventions Session 114: GU2
The Effects of Prenatal Problems, Family Functioning and Neighborhood Disadvantage in Predicting Violent Offending: Results From a National Sample Session 365: LC7
The Effects of School Structure and Disorganization on Violent Crime in Kentucky Schools Session 31: CO1
Effects of School-Based Interventions on Risk for Antisocial Behavior: Results From Meta-Analysis Session 112: ER5
The Effects of Sensation Seeking on Peer Relations, Parental Attachment, and Deviant Inclinations Session 294: PS3
The Efficacy of Community Oriented Policing in Reducing Domestic Violence Session 174: VW6
Elderly Inmate Population Growth: Multiple Perspectives Session 237: LA37
The Emotional Salience of 'War' for Ex-Political Prisoners in Northern Ireland Session 109: CL3
An Empirical Analysis of Packer: Public Attitudes for Crime Control vs. Due Process Session 200: RP7
An Empirical Analysis of the Paternalism Hypothesis in Probation Supervision Session 39: GE2
The Empirical Research on Crime Control Policy: Taiwan Experience Session 200: RP7
An Empirical Test of the General Strain Theory Approach to Neighborhoods and Violence Session 419: SA6
Empowering Communities: A Restorative Justice Approach Session 258: CL10
Encounters of African-American and Hispanic Juveniles With Law Enforcement Session 157: PO5
Environmental Extremists: An Examination of Eco-Terrorism Session 398: TE6
Environmental Uncertainty and Organizational Change: a Case Study of the Texas Prison System Session 69: LA12
Equal by Fiat: Dismantling Affirmative Action at the University of California Session 316: LS3
Equal Justice? The Effects of Criminal History on Length of Sentence Session 121: LA27
Errors in Justice: Nature, Sources and Remedies Session 342: MJ2
Escalation in the Behavior of Sex Offenders Session 289: LA44
Estimating the Effects of One-Gun-a-Month Laws on Homicide in Virginia and Maryland Session 114: GU2
Ethics Courses: Do the Values and Ethical Decisions of Criminal Justice Students Change? Session 139: CJ4
An Ethnographic Examination of Re-Integrative Shaming Capacities in the Indianapolis Juvenile Court Session 117: JJ6
Evaluating Drug Courts: An Assessment of Outcomes Session 330: CT4
Evaluating Faith-Based Organizations Session 41: IS2
Evaluating Inconsistencies and Irregularities in International Homicide Statistics Session 407: DM5
Evaluating Police-Sponsored Truancy Intervention: A Case Study in Expansion of the Law Enforcement Role in the Socialization and Social Control of Young People Session 416: PL18
Evaluating Taiwanese Empirical Studies Published in American Journals Session 4: CH1
Evaluating the Efficacy of Juvenile Detention Risk Assessment Tools Session 73: LA16
Evaluating the South Oxnard Challenge Project Session 61: ER3
Evaluation and Assessment of a Modified Correctional Therapeutic Community Session 137: CB4
Evaluation Facilitation for the Tribal Youth Program: A Preliminary Analysis of Juvenile Justice Systems in Native American/Alaska Native Communities Session 269: RE4
An Evaluation of a School Resource Officer Program in a Rural Midwestern County Session 206: PO7
Evaluation of Cognitive Programs for Incarcerated Women Offenders Session 356: CI9
An Evaluation of Community Policing in France (Toulouse) and in French Canada (Montreal) Session 180: PO6
Evaluation of Community Treatment Programs in Mississippi Session 137: CB4
Evaluation of Criminal Justice Diversion Programs: A Comparison of Short-Term Outcomes for Diverted Subjects Compared to Non-Diverted Subjects Session 368: RP16
Evaluation of Geographic Profiling Search Strategies Session 99: PL7
An Evaluation of Inmate Treatment Performance Measures Session 60: ER2
The Evaluation of OJJDP's Truancy Reduction Demonstration Program Session 412: JU14
Evaluation of Operation Drug Test: Findings and Implications for Pretrial Drug Testing Session 94: LA21
An Evaluation of Public Perception Regarding Private Correctional Facilities: Using the Conceptual Orientation of Radical Conflict Criminological Theories Session 388: LA57
An Evaluation of the Family Works Program at Sing Sing Correctional Facility: An Examination of the First Phase Session 35: CI2
An Evaluation of the Impact of Parole Supervision on Parolee Outcomes in Colorado Session 42: JJ2
Evaluation of the Juvenile Breaking the Cycle (JBTC) Program Session 413: JJ17
Evaluation of the National Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Session 26: RP1
The Evolution and Ecology of Black Street Gangs: The Case of the Gangster Disciples Session 212: GA2
Evolution of a Theory of Peacemaking Session 187: CL6
Examination Methods and STD/Pregnancy Prevention Procedures for Sexual Assault Victims Session 175: VW7
An Examination of Citizen Perceptions of Differential Treatment by the Police in Los Angeles, California Session 228: PO8
An Examination of Possible Causes of Stress for United States Probation Officers: A Look at a Southeastern District Session 327: CB11
An Examination of Racial Disparity in an Administrative Drug Court Session 69: LA12
An Examination of Self-Control Theory: A General Theory of Crime? Session 355: CS5
An Examination of Strategies for the Control of the Illicit Traffic in Plundered Antiquities Session 28: WC1
An Examination of the Etiology of Domestic Assault Session 399: VW18
An Examination of the Impact of Extra-Legal Factors on Hate Crime Reporting Session 262: HC2
An Examination of the Impact of Victim, Offender, and Situational Attributes on Defensive Gun Use Outcomes Session 144: GU3
An Examination of the Link Between Youth Violence and Violence Directed to Adult Partners Session 240: LC4
An Examination of the Theoretical Paradigms Supporting Juvenile Youth Accountability Boards Session 43: JJ3
Examining Criminological Theory in the Rural Context Session 312: HO6
Examining Long-Term Trajectories of Criminal Offending: The Glueck Delinquents From Age 7 to 70 Session 341: LC6
Examining Multi-Problem Juvenile Offenders in a Diversion Program Session 90: JU4
Examining Police Use of Force: The Breakdown of an Authority Maintenance Ritual Session 48: PL2
Examining the Decline in Crime: The Victim's Perspective Session 296: RP13
Examining the Effects of Social Disorganization and Commitment to Conventional Lifestyles on Delinquency Session 252: CO9
Examining the Impacts of the Violence Against Women Act Session 232: GE11
Examining the Micro Environment With GIS Technology: Testing Target Selection Preferences of Commercial Burglars Session 281: DM3
Examining the Prevalence of "Prisonization" in Modern Corrections Session 404: CI10
Examining the Use of Prison and Jail Sentences in Large Urban Counties Session 78: SE1
Examining Trends in the Spatial Distribution of Crime: An Analysis of Japanese Data With Kernel Density Estimation Session 84: CO5
Examining Western-Based Explanations of Antisocial Behaviors in a Southeast Asian Country: Preliminary Results of a Longitudinal Study Session 213: JU8
Executions and the Legacy of Race-Based Lethal Violence: Explaining Intra-Southern Variations in the Death Penalty Session 369: SE9
The Expected Utility of Sex Offenses: Testing Perceptual Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories on a Population of Convicted Sex Offenders Session 289: LA44
Experiencing Crime and Disorder -- Lessons From "High-Crime" Communities in the UK Session 56: CO4
An Experiment to Improve the Validity of Self-Report Drug Use Data by Arrestees Session 259: DM2
Explaining Juvenile Diversion Service Provision Through Program and Offender Characteristics: An Application of the Risk-Needs-Responsivity Model Session 304: CB10
Explaining Males' and Females' Delinquency: A Multi-Level Analysis of Individual and Contextual Factors Session 62: GE3
Explaining Non-Metropolitan Crime: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory on Crime in a Non-Urban Community Session 181: CO7
Explaining Racial Differences in Violent Behavior Session 295: RE5
Explaining Spatial Patterns of Drug Crime in Portland, Oregon From 1990-1998 Session 353: CO12
Explaining Stability and Change in Antisocial Behavior From Adolescence to Young Adulthood Session 299: SO5
Explaining Suspect Disrespect Toward Police Session 48: PL2
Explaining Treatment Compliance Among Criminal Justice Mandated Clients: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration Session 94: LA21
Explaining Violence in Places Left Behind in the New Economy Session 312: HO6
Explanation of Desistance From Crime Session 124: LC1
An Explanatory Study of Homicide Trends in Los Angeles City From 1950-1999 Session 63: HO2
An Exploratory Analysis of Homicides in Washington, DC Session 63: HO2
An Exploratory Study of Rural Domestic Violence: Victim Experiences With Domestic Violence and With the Criminal Justice System Session 132: VW3
An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Legal and Extra-Legal Factors on Rural Juvenile Justice Processing Session 214: JJ11
Exploring Officers' Acceptance of Community Policing Session 3: PO1
Exploring Police Behavior Through a Formal Authority Scale Session 48: PL2
Exploring Regional Variation in the Availability of Prison Programming for Minority Populations Session 35: CI2
Exploring the Analytical Characteristics of Semi-Parametric Developmental Trajectory Models Session 170: LC2
Exploring the Criminal Histories and Substance Abuse Patterns of Heroin, Crack, and Marijuana Addicts Session 384: DP6
Exploring the Dimensionality of Community Capacity Session 303: CO11
Exploring the Effects of School and Work Experiences on Recidivism Rates for Juveniles in an Aftercare Program Session 43: JJ3
Exploring the Reciprocal Relationship Between Dating and Delinquency Among Adolescents Session 95: LA22
Exploring the Relationship Between Quality and Quantity of Social Skills Activities and Risk and Protective Factors Session 380: CP11
Exposure to Violence Among Chicago Children Session 366: LO3
External Sanctions, Self-Regulation and the Iatrogenesis of Organizational Misconduct Session 276: WC6
The Eye of the Painter and the Eye of the Police: What the Criminal Justice System Can Learn From Manet Session 359: CL13

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