The 2001 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 6, to Saturday, November 10

Paper Index for the Letter A

Paper Title Session ID
Abuse in Intimate Relationships as a Barrier to Work for Poor Women: Results From a Canadian Study Session 381: CL14
Access to the Internet: Offenders and Victims of Cyber Crimes Session 290: LA45
Accommodating the Needs of Individuals With Developmental Disabilities in the California Department of Corrections Session 285: JJ14
Accounting for Fraud: Lessons From the Gokal/BCCI Schemes Session 28: WC1
Acquaintance Versus Stranger Rape and Sexual Assault Session 349: VW13
Action Research and Evaluation in a Community-Based Collaboration: Data Collection and Analysis for Dynamic Problem Solving, Capturing the Process of Herding Cats, and Nailing Down Outcomes of Crime Prevention Efforts Session 136: CB3
Action Research on Youth Gangs in Indian Country: Profiling the Problem and Seeking Solutions Session 269: RE4
ADAM Program Wide Findings on Drug Markets Session 110: DP2
Addressing Family-Focused Prevention Implementation Issues Through Partnership-Based Prevention Trials Session 7: CP1
Addressing the Unique Needs of Minority Female Juvenile Offenders Through Gender Specific and Cultural Programming as Alternatives to Incarceration Session 214: JJ11
Adolescent Perceptions of School Safety: The Role of Delinquent Peers and Television Media in a Post-Columbine Sample Session 415: ME3
Adolescent Stress and Delinquency in Longitudinal Perspective Session 360: JU12
Adolescent Violence and the Great Debate Between Social Control Theory and Social Learning Theory Session 183: CS4
Adolescent Violence Prevention: A Community and School Approach Session 65: JU3
Adult Substance Use -- Causes and Consequences Session 1: AL1
Advances in Postmodern Social Theory and Critical Criminology: Rediscovering the "First Wave" Session 37: CL2
African American Perceptions of the Police: A Study of "In Group" Variation Session 157: PO5
Age, Work Quality, and Deviance: Addressing the Effects of Work Quality on Problem Behaviors in Adolescence Session 219: LC3
The Age-Crime Curve and First Principles Session 410: IT3
Age-Crime Variability by Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Neighborhood Context Session 366: LO3
Agenda Setting and Innovation in the Protection of Genetic Privacy: Diffusion and Changing Content of Legislative Policies in Three States Session 344: RP15
Ain't Got Long To Stay Here: AIDS-Infected Black and Latino Prisoners Doing Masculinity, Doing Illness and Dying Session 35: CI2
Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Dependency in ADAM Arrestees Session 400: AL11
Alcohol and Rape Among College Women: Implications for Prevention Session 379: CP10
Alcohol Consumption and the Spatial Distribution of Homicide Rates in Russia Session 105: AL5
Alcohol Use Among Adolescents in Juvenile Detention: Findings From the Northwestern Juvenile Project Session 18: JJ1
Alternative Dimensions to a Comparative Justice Syllabus Session 403: CH2
Alternative to Conventional Academic JUSTICE Associations: Justice Studies Association -- A Case Study Session 286: LA41
Alternatives to Incarceration for Felony Offenders in New York Session 64: IS3
Analysis and Assessment of Police/Business Empowerment Partnership (P/BEP) Program Session 30: PO2
An Analysis of the Personality Attributes of United Kingdom Police Officers in Relation to Rank and Time In-Service Session 152: OP2
An Analysis of the Prevalence and Nature of Violent Offending by Women Session 162: GE6
Analyzing Citizens' Response to Community Policing in Ponca City, Oklahoma Session 45: LA7
Analyzing Elderly Population Perception of Risk of Violent Crime Victimization and Corresponding Risk Limiting Actions Session 172: SV3
Analyzing the Displacement Effects of Nuisance Abatement: A Pre/Post Hot Spot Analysis in Chicago Session 394: PL17
Anomie and Skinhead Violence Session 224: TE4
Anomie, Organized Crime and Legal and Administrative Response in China Session 393: OC4
Anthropological Reflections on Restoring Justice in Norway Session 328: CB12
Antisocial Behavior in Girls: Trajectories in Early Adolescence Session 241: LO1
Application of Situational Crime Prevention Techniques to a High Crime Area in Indianapolis Session 268: PL12
Applying Fuzzy Statistical Methods to Survey Data: A Reanalysis of the National Opinion Survey on Crime and Justice - 1995 Session 300: ST1
Are Special Education Students More Likely to Become Delinquent? Another Look at the Relationship Between Learning Disabilities and Delinquency Session 222: SO4
Arrest Volume, System Capacity and Prison Sentences: Examining the Impact of Arrests for Quality of Life Offenses in New York City on Felong Arrest Dispositions Session 128: SE2
Arrestee Mobility in Geographical and Social Space Session 268: PL12
Arrestee Mobility in Geographical and Social Space Session 353: CO12
Artificial Boundaries Between Criminology and Minority Groups: Inside and Outside of the Classroom Session 280: CJ6
The ASC's National Policy Committee's Recommended Positions on the Death Penalty and Juveniles Tried as Adults Session 291: LA46
Assessing MisconducPt on Correctional Treatment Units: Better Management or Better Inmates? Session 305: CI7
Assessing Pre and Post Educational Outcomes in a Statewide Assessment of Education for Delinquent utho Session 320: RP14
Assessing Public Support for Rentry Courts Session 34: CB2
Assessing Risk Among Young Offenders Session 147: JJ8
Assessing the Impact of Community Policing Interventions: An Analysis of the Martindale-Brightwood Initiative Session 394: PL17
Assessing the Lethality of Juvenile Gun-Use Trends Session 89: GU1
Assessing the Relative Accuracy of Neural Network Models in Predicting Recidivism Session 300: ST1
Assessing the Relative Strength of Macro-Level Predictors of Crime: A Meta-Analysis Session 353: CO12
Assessing the Risk of Partner Assault Re-Offending: A Validation Study Session 86: CP3
Assessing the Role of Neighborhood Service Centers in Baltimore's Non-Emergency Call System Session 293: PL13
Assessing the Validity of Self-Reported Drug Use Over Time Session 156: AL7
Assessment of Content Competency in Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs Session 21: LA3
Asset Forfeiture: Effective Sanction or Government Thievery? Session 126: PL8
Associating Cause With Effect: Building Bridges to the Application of Criminological Research in Policy/Practice and the Lawmaking Process Session 127: RP4
Attica Prison Riot of 1971: An Uprising Without Parallel or Just Another Riot With an Unusual Ending? Session 305: CI7
Attitudes Among College Students Toward Domestic Violence Session 47: LA9
The Attitudes of Female Offenders Towards Prison Treatment Programs Session 6: CI1
The Attitudes of Young Adults Toward Internet Related Crime and Abuse Session 375: WC8
Attitudes to Punishment in Germany Session 313: LA47
Attitudes Toward Corruption Amongst Russian Police Officers and Trainees Session 343: PL15
Attitudinal and Behavioral Change Among Participants in a Legislatively Mandated Domestic Violence Program Session 245: RP9
Attorneys, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists: Analyzing Attitudes Toward the Insanity Defense Session 239: LS2
Authentic Community Justice: The Role of Voice Session 258: CL10
Author-Meets-Critics: Philip Jenkins as Social Constructionist (Using Murder, Moral Panic, Synthetic Panics, and Other Books) Session 101: SL2
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Richard Quinney's Bearing Witness to Crime and Social Justice Session 210: CL8
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: The Culture of Control: Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society (University of Chicago Press) Session 171: RP6
Authoritarianism and Seriousness Perceptions of Hate Crime: A Factorial Survey Approach Session 14: HC1
Automated Parole Risk-Assessment Instruments Session 304: CB10

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