Session 317: LO2 -> Longitudinal Studies of Crime and Delinquency
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Friday, November 9
Place: Picard
Session Chair: Charisse T. Coston, University of North Carolina - Charlotte
Preventing Parolee Crime Program: A Prospective Study of Selected California Parole Programs
by: Christiana M. Drake, University of California, Davis (Corresponding)
Juanjuan Fan, University of California, Davis
Richard Levine, University of California, Davis
Garen Wintemute, University of California, Davis
Parent-Child Affective Quality and Affiliation With Deviant Peers Influences on Adolescent Oppositional Behaviors: A Replication and Extension of a Protective Process Model in an Intervention Trial
by: Wei Chao, Institute for Social & Behavioral Researc (Corresponding)
The Stability of Threats of Violence Based on Child and Teacher-Report of Threats
by: Albert Kienfie Liau, Kent State University (Corresponding)
Daniel J. Flannery, Kent State University
Updated Estimates of the Comparative Costs and Benefits of Programs to Reduce Crime
by: Steve Aos, Washington State Inst. for Public Policy (Corresponding)
Polly Phipps, Washington State Inst. for Public Policy
Robert Barnoski, Washington State Inst. for Public Policy

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Updated 05/20/2006