Session 15: IS1 -> Community Reintegration and Electronic Monitoring
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Wednesday, November 7
Place: Picard
Session Chair: Susan Marcus-Mendoza, University of Oklahoma
A Model of Community Reintegration
by: Jo Deakin, University of Manchester (Corresponding)
Jon Spencer, University of Manchester
Recidivism Rates of Participants in Oklahoma's Nighttime Incarceration: Was it Worth the Effort?
by: Thomas E. James, University of Oklahoma
Susan Marcus-Mendoza, University of Oklahoma
Marcus Martin (Corresponding)
Kathy Hall, University of Oklahoma
Convicted Drunk Drivers in Home Retention and Day Reporting Center Programs: A Comparative Study
by: Sudipto Roy, Indiana State University (Corresponding)
Current Issues Related to the Administration of Electronic Monitoring Programs
by: James David Ballard, Grand Valley State University (Corresponding)
Kristine Mullendore, Grand Valley State University
Susan Marcus-Mendoza, University of Oklahoma

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Updated 05/20/2006