Session 87: ER4 -> Correctional and Post-Release Interventions for Adult Offenders
Time: 2:40PM to 4:10 PM on Wednesday, November 7
Place: Rio Grande
Session Chair: Laura Winterfield, The Urban Institute
Searching for Validation: The Elusive Addition Severity Index (ASI) Form
by: Robert McCormack, The College of New Jersey (Corresponding)
Challenge, Opportunity, Discipline and Ethics Program for High Risk Offenders: An Analysis of Key Outcome Measures
by: Kevin L. Jackson, Federal Bureau of Prisons (Corresponding)
Nancy A. Miller, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Christopher A. Innes, National Institute of Justice
Adrienne L. Vyfhuis, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Factors Impacting Program Outcomes of a Cognitive Skills Program for Parolees
by: Lisa Spruance, University of Cincinnati (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006