Session 282: DP5 -> Drug Markets and Policy in International Contexts
Time: 9:40AM to 11:10 AM on Friday, November 9
Place: Zurich
Session Chair: Peter H. Reuter, University of Maryland at College Park
Transformation of Drug Control and Prevention in Asian Context: Proactive Targeting of Drug Trafficking
by: Tae-Jin Chung, Sam Houston State University (Corresponding)
Kyung-Soo Chun, Korea National Police Agency
Economic Properties of Illicit Drug Markets in Istanbul, Turkey
by: Sevil Atasoy, Istanbul University (Corresponding)
Neylan Ziyalat, Istanbul University
When Policy Defeats Itself: Inequity in the War on Drugs on the Border
by: Alberto Ramiro Gallardo, University of Texas - El Paso (Corresponding)
Martha Smithey, University of Texas at El Paso

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Updated 05/20/2006