Session 331: CL12 -> Law, Psychology, and Justice: Critical Interrogations (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology)
Time: 2:40PM to 4:10 PM on Friday, November 9
Place: Summit
Session Chair: Bruce Arrigo, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Critical Interruptions in the Psycho-Legal Infrastructure: Toward an Epistemic Shift
by: Christopher R. Williams, State University of West Georgia (Corresponding)
Critical Perspective in Psycho-Legal Research: New Directions in Citizen Justice and Social Change
by: Bruce Arrigo, University of North Carolina, Charlotte (Corresponding)
British Punitiveness and the Negation of Subjectivity
by: Veronique Voruz, University of Leicester (Corresponding)
Media Images, Mental Health Law, and Justice: A Constitutive Response to the "Competency" of Theodore Kaczynski
by: Michael Arena, Alliant University (Corresponding)
A Critical Perspective on Freud's Theory of Parricide and Crime in General
by: Phillip Chong Ho Shon, University of Illinois - Chicago (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006