Corporate Crime and Corporate Culture

Michael Dantinne, University of Liege

The literature related to the explanation of corporate crime usually singles out three groups of endogenous factors (linked together by dynamic interrelations) supposed to influence corporations' behaviour: Strategy, Structure and Culture. Between them, corporate culture is often described as "something that must have an influence somewhere" on corporate crime without more details. That are the reasons why our department led a research project that aimed at investigating the potential relationships between corporate crime and corporate culture. The methodology of this research was determined by one major problem: we needed corporations' participation and we knew that a lot of corporations were going to be worried to engage in a research related to corporate crime. That explains why we worked on a big sample and illuminates the way used to contact corporations. Three tools were used to study the link between corporate culture and corporate crime: an organizational culture assessment instrument, a cohesion commitment exercise and a questionnaire we recreated related to situations of corporate crime. A cross-analysis of the data's stemming from these tools is able to give interesting results about the potential relationship between corporate crime and corporate culture. That is the first result of this analysis we'd like to expose at the American Society Meetings.

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Updated 05/20/2006