Top Criminals/Top Criminologists: The Most-Cited Authors and Works in White-Collar Crime

Richard A. Wright, Chicago State University
Kevin M. Bryant, University of West Florida
J. Mitchell Miller, University of South Carolina

Numerous studies recently have appeared that identify the most-cited authors and works in the general criminology and criminal justice literature and in several research specialty areas, although no previous citation study has specifically examined the white-collar crime literature. Through an analysis of 46 articles and textbooks appearing from 1991 to 1999 in the area of white-collar crime, we list the 62 most-cited authors and the 21 most-cited works. The lists of the most-cited authors and works in white-collar crime are compared to general lists taken from leading criminology and crimnal justice journals and introductory textbooks. Our analysis shows that numerous influential authors and works in the specialty of white-collar crime have been overlooked by general citations studies of leading journals and textbooks.

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Updated 05/20/2006