The Curious Omission of Environmental Justice in Criminological and Criminal Justice Literature: A Content Analysis of 12 Major Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals From 1990-2000

Danielle McGurrin, University of South Florida
Lisa Anne Zilney, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

The relationship between environmental justice and many broad areas of criminological study are replete in the environmental, medical, public health/epidemiological, legal, sociological, and public policy literature. While the near absence of criminological attention to environmental justice might reflect the lack of fit within the discipline, a closer examination reveals that environmental justice relates to the following criminological literatures: community, environment, and ecology, critical theories, law and society, criminal justice education, public policy, criminal justice sanctions, globalization, media, white-collar crime, race, class, and gender. This paper seeks to draw attention to these intersections by first examining the presence of environmental justice within the criminological literature and then examining the frequency with which these articles synthesize one or more of these related criminological areas.

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Updated 05/20/2006