Victim's Perceptions of tje Effects of No-Drop Prosecutorial Strategies on the Empowerment and Self-Efficacy of Victims

Mary A. Finn, Georgia State University

This paper examines the effects of prosecutorial strategies (no-drop versus traditional) on the empowerment and self-efficacy of adult female victims of intimate partner violence and on the re-occurence of violence in victims' lives. The sample (n=150) consists of adult female victims of misdemeanor acts of family violence perpetrated by an intimate partner in two urban counties. A quasi-experimental longitudinal design examines changes in victims' levels of empowerment and self-efficacy at court intake (Time 1) at court disposition (Time 2) and six months after court disposition (Time 3) as a function of the type of prosecutorial strategy employed, victims' prior experiences with the criminal justice system and with intimate partner violence, and case outcome.

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Updated 05/20/2006