Stalking in the Context of Domestic Violence: Findings on the Criminal Justice System

Heather C. Melton, University of Utah

Little research has examined the criminal justice system and the problem of stalking. Stalking and domestic violence are intricately linked and, thus, so is the criminal justice response to these two problems. Using longitudinal data collected from battered women whose domestic violence cases have gone through the criminal justice system, this paper explores the relationship between stalking in the context of domestic violence and the criminal justice system. Specifically, this paper will look at the effect of criminal justice outcome and sentence in domestic violence cases on subsequent stalking; the relationship between stalking and victim cooperation with the system (e.g., if victims who cooperate are more or less likely to experience stalking and are domestic violence victims who are stalked more or less likely to cooperate with the system); and the effect of stalking on whether stalking victims choose to continue to use the system if needed.

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Updated 05/20/2006