I'm a Twenty-First Century Woman Living With a Twentieth Century Man

Shoshana Pollack, Wilfred Laurier University
Rashmee Singh, Woman Abuse Council of Toronto
Vivien Greene, Woman Abuse Council of Toronto

Many studies of a predominantly quantitative nature have been conducted about men's batter's programs. Although some of these studies include both male and female partners as respondents, most investigate the program's impact upon the male partner (Austin & Dankwort, 1999). In addition, there are few qualitative studies about women's perceptions of male batterer's programs and the impact of this programming on women's lives. This presentation presents results from a pilot study conducted in Toronto, Ontario which investigated the impact of court mandated batterer's treatment programs from the perspective of female partners. Using qualitative methodology, including in depth interviews and focus groups, women's perspectives, experiences and recommendations were gathered in order to evaluate current practicer in dealing with men's battering behaviour.

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Updated 05/20/2006