Treating Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Suzanne Kider, University of Maryland at College Park
Doris Layton MacKenzie, University of Maryland at College Park
Sarah Bacon, University of Maryland at College Park

This paper discusses the role of the evaluator in determining the impact of one approach to domestic violence in local communities, namely, batterer intervention programs. The overall purpose of batterer intervention programming is to hold the batterer responsible for his/her behavior. One of the major concerns, however, of researchers involved in the evaluation of such programs is how to keep the victim safe from further battering that might result from providing information to the research team. Further, other problems arise in the area of obtaining information, critical to an outcome evaluation, from probation police, the courts, and/or from the civil court. This paper addresses how these issues were handled in a five-county evaluation of batterer intervention programs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Preliminary findings from that evaluation are included as well.

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Updated 05/20/2006