Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative: Assessing Implementation ! The

Christy Visher, The Urban Institute
Lisa Newmark, The Urban Institute
Adele V. Harrell, The Urban Institute
Christine Depies DeStefano, Urban Institute

This paper will describe the Judicial Oversight Demonstration (JOD) Initiative as it is being implemented in three sites: Milwaukee, Washtenaw County, Michigan (Ann Arbor), and Dorchester County, Massachusetts (Boston) and provide some preliminary data on its implementation. This Initiative is funded by the Violence Against Women Office and has been designed to answer the quesion: Can a coordinated community response, a focused judicial response, and a systemic criminal justice response to domestic violence improve victim safety and service provision, as well as offender accountability? Both quantitative and qualitative process data are being collected at each site. In order to track and monitor system changes in response to the implementation of JOD, the sites are collecting aggregate monthly data on law enforcement, court, and service system responses to domestic violence victims and offenders, for example: number of arrests, cases charged, cases dismissed, probation revocations, and services provided. The paper will present preliminary data from the 3 sites and discuss the overall process and evaluation model for JOD.

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Updated 05/20/2006