Cross-Cultural Research on Violence Against Women: The International Violence Against Women Survey

Holly Johnson, Statistics Canada
Natalia Ollus, European Inst.for Crime Preven. & Control

The International Violence Against Women Survey (IVAWS) is a multi-country, comparative survey specifically designed to target domestic violence and sexual assault against women. The objective of the IVAWS is to assess the level of victimization of women in a number of countries world-wide, on a repeatable basis, and to provide inputs for the development of criminal justice approaches. The project will rely on the network and infrastructure of the International Crime Victim Survey (ICVS) that has been successfully implemented in more than 65 countries, in particular: (1) obtaining good statistical data for the development of policies and tools to combat violence against women; (2) raising awareness among the public and authorities about the nature and extent of violence against women; (3) building local capacity in the art of survey taking and in the application of results to policy development; and, (4) providing opportunities for the participation of civil society in the policy making process, thereby strengthening democracy. This is a collaborative project that combines the expertise of Statistics Canada, UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute), HEUNI (the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control). This presentation will describe the methodology, data collection instrument and future plans for this survey.

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Updated 05/20/2006