Policing Domestic Violence: Victim's Perceptions

Cassandra Archer, Institute for Law and Justice

The STOP program encourages jurisdictions to implement mandatory or pro-arrest policies as an effective domestic violence intervention that is part of a coordinated community response. The Institute for Law and Justice evaluated these projects and the data will be used to explore victim/survivor satisfaction with police in one Midwestern jurisdiction. Surveys were conducted of victims of domestic violence served by the County Sheriff's Office and the City Police in order to address victim's experiences with the policing of domestic violence upon implementation of programs funded by STOP grants. More specifically, this paper discusses the impact of creating a specialized unit of domestic violence detectives on victim satisfaction with police response. Victim/survivors reported on the treatment they received from the initial responding officers and specialized detectives as well as a number of factors that could influence their decision to contact the authorities in the future.

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Updated 05/20/2006