Factors Related to Deviant Sexual Preferences in Rapists

Eric Beauregard, University of Montreal
Patrick Lussier, University of Montreal
Jean Proulx, University of Montreal

The aim of this study was to investigate the factors related to deviant sexual preferences in sexual aggressors of women. A total of 85 sexual aggressors of women were included in this study. All subjects were imprisoned in a federal penitentiary, permitting assessment of their correctional risk level and their treatment needs. Assessment was carried out at the institution and consisted of the followng categories: personal history (sexuality, relationship, etc.), family history (victimization, etc.), modus operandi characteristics (premeditation, strategy to carry out the offence, etc.), victim characteristics (gender, familiarity between the aggressor and the victim, etc.), attitudes toward his crime and cognitive distortions. Moreover, sexual preferences were assessed phallometrically. Using logistic regression analysis, our results showed different factors related to deviant sexual preferences in sexual aggessors of women. Moreover, the factors identified through the above method allowed to correctly classify more than 80% of subjects according to whether they have deviant sexual preferences or not. These results will be discussed according to the theories of sexual aggession.

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Updated 05/20/2006