Research in Criminal Justice and Criminology: An Analysis of Factors, Antecedents, and Associates of Significant Research

Kristy L. Holtfreter, Michigan State University
Beth M. Huebner, Michigan State University

Research advancements in Criminology and Criminal Justice have lead to the continuing expansion of our field. Despite the growth in the discipline, litte research has been conducted on the individual characteristics and organizational processes assoiated with successful research in the field. Three models will be developed to differentiate significant research outcomes. The first model examines conditions preceding the research project, the second assesses the resarch process itself, and the final analyzes research outcomes. Measures of success will not be limited to 'tradition' measures of success (e.g. type of journal publication). Instead, we will also include measures of originality in design, method and outcome as measures of success. Data for this analysis will be obtained from a survey of faculty who hold positions at institutions with Ph.D. programs in criminology and/or criminal justice. Additional data will be obtained from content analyses of research identified as 'successful' and 'not so successful'.

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Updated 05/20/2006