Management and Care of Sex Offenders in the Community: Experiences and Challenges in the U.S.

Karen J. Terry, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Heath B. Grant, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

There are few comprehensive, locally tailored programs for the management of sex offenders in the community. Legislation such as Megan's Law allows for the monitoring of all convicted sex offenders, though it does not have an impact on recidivism, treatment or care for offenders. Additionally, it is not a victim-centered approach which takes into consideration the needs of all community members. Sex offenders constitute a heterogeneous population requiring different strategies and programs depending on the nature of their offenses, demographics of the community, and the resources available for management of this population. In order to implement an effective management strategy, a detailed needs assessment of the community and the sex offenders living in the community is essential. This paper will describe the current movement within the United States for developing comprehensive plans for the management of sex offenders.

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Updated 05/20/2006