Local Crime and Disorder Partnerships in Liverpool

George Mair, Liverpool John Moores University
Joanna Jamel, Liverpool John Moores University

The main response in Liverpool to the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act was to set up a partnership group (CitySafe) to oversee the response to the Act. CitySafe was envisaged as part of a tripartite structure, with CitySafe 2 groups covering regions of the city while CitySafe 3 groups were planned to operate at the local level. While CitySafe 2 groups did not come into existence, there are many CitySafe 3 groups in Liverpool. This paper reports on a research project intended to explore the origins, development and practice of these local partnership groups. CitySafe 3 groups appear to have been set up without any formal guidelines about aims and objectives and with no formal structures of accountability, yet they could carry out a great deal of local work on crime and disorder issues. As a result of recent changes in the organisation of policing in Liverpool, it is likely that further changes will take place in local partnership groups and these will also be discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006