"Broken Windows": Probation

Fredrick J. Patrick, Mayor's Office of the Crim. Just. Coord.

In cities all across America, Probation officials are coming to the realization that the real work of probation cannot be done from cubicles in large central offices. To be effective in promoting public safety, reducing crime and holding probationers accountable, Probation Officers must work in the communities where probationers live. Probation staff must know the needs of the community and the needs of the offender. This presentation describes the development of Neighborhood Shield, a collaborative effort in New York City focusing on at-risk, violence prone young probationers in two neighborhoods. Led by the Probation Department, this initiative involves more intensive, neighborhood-based supervision; joint probation/police enforcement teams; expanded treatment and employment services: a specialized court that jointly supervises probationers and handles violations expeditiously; and active participation of community residents via an advisory board, identification of community service projects and other community organizing activities.

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Updated 05/20/2006