Implementing a Comprehensive Database for Statewide Research on the Education of Delinquent Youth

George Pesta, Florida State University
Spencer De Li, Florida State University

A fundamental component of large-scale reseach is an organized and well-maintained database. This paper describes the ongoing development of a major database containing numerous variables related to Florida's delivery of education services to delinquent youth in over 200 institutional programs, involving more than 30,000 youth annually. The described database has evolved into a comprehensive research tool that has enabled assessment of many important questions concerning effective educational practices for delinquent youth. Examples of several of these various assessments are provided to demonstrate the usefulness of the database for addressing educational policy and practices, issues and questions. The paper concludes with discussion of how this database is expected to grow over the next several years enabling comprehensive program descriptions, explanations, and predictions concerning the validation of promising practices as best practices for the education of delinquent youth.

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Updated 05/20/2006