Survey of Youth Gangs in Indian Country

John P. Moore, National Youth Gang Center
H. Arlen Egley, Jr., National Youth Gang Center
Barbara Mendenhall, California State University - Sacramento
Troy Armstrong, California State University - Sacramento

Survey development, methodology, and preliminary findings on the scope of the gang problem in Indian country will be discussed. Data were collected from the first-ever gang survey of all federally recognized tribes in the United States. This project is funded by OJJDP in support of the Tribal Youth Program which is part of the Indian Country law Enforcement Initiative. Topics addressed from the survey include: year of onset of gang activity, demographic characteristics of gang members, types and levels of criminal activity, and factors influencing the origin, growth, and persistence of gang activity in Indian Country. This imformation will: (1) supplement localized research examining gang activity in Indian country; (2) provide a baseline assessment to guide future research and response; and (3) permit comparison to results from the National Youth Gang Survey, a nationally representative survey of over 3,000 law enforcement agencies.

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Updated 05/20/2006