Preliminary Findings on the Interaction Among Community Policing, Community Prosecution and Community Courts

Reginald Fluellen, University at Albany

The findings presented from this research are from an exploratory case study in Portland, Oregon that sought to answer the following question: If community policing, community prosecution and community court programs coexist in the same city, how do they interact with each other. Prior to this study, no research has looked at whether or not these three community oriented programs worked toward coordinating their activities while operating within the same geographical space. Portland, Oregon has the unique distinction of having all three of these programs operating simultaneously within its city. Preliminary evidence indicates that interaction does occur among both the front line personnel of these three agencies and the supervisory personnel of these agencies; at this time, "direct" interaction is more common among the supervisory personnel of these three agencies; community prosecutors play a significant role in facilitating interaction; low-level quality of life crimes also facilitate interaction; interaction among these three agencies is evolving due in large measure to constant joint consideration of new ways to improve the quality of neighborhood life.

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Updated 05/20/2006