Leadership Protocol to Address Minority Trust and Confidence in the Police

Benjamin Tucker, Pace University
Caroline Joy DeBrovner, Pace University
Joseph F. Ryan, Pace University

The purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of the issues that give rise to ongoing tensions in the relationship between the police and membes of the minority community. To achieve that objective, the authors intend to conduct research in four communities. The research is intended to elicit data which will be used to produce at least four protocols aimed at increasing the level of trust and confidence while reducing persistent sources of tension that exist in the police-minority community relationship. The primary method of data collection will occur through the use of focus groups. Four key informants that are critical to understanding the nature of the problem are members of the minority community; youth; rank and file police officers; and police management staff. The focus groups will be held in each of the four communities and dedicated to each of the previously targeted source groups. Input will be sought in assessing the respective issues and eliciting solutions for the protocol. Three main products will be developed: leadership protocols to reduce police/community tensions (Tucker), developing model focus groups strategies (Ryan), and case studies focusing on entrenched police/community tensions (DeBrovner).

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Updated 05/20/2006