Meta Analysis: The Effect of Community Policing on Crime Rate

Kyubum Choi, Florida State University

Purpose: Summarize and analyze empirical findings on the effect of community policing. Method: Meta analysis based on 15-20 empirical studies on community policing. COPS office gave out multi-millions of money to agencies to encourage them to adopt community policing philosophy. However, there are not many empirical studies examining the crime deterrent effect of the community policing. On the other hand, there are debate on the reason for initiation of establishing community policing. For example, resource dependency theory asserts that it is not community policing philosophy but resource (e.g., grant money for community policing) that drives law enforcement agencies to adopt new organizational structure (Worrall and Zhao, paper presented at 2000 ACS conference). It will be useful to summarize previous findings and reanalyse the results employing basic meta-analysis technique.

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Updated 05/20/2006