City Police Departments' Focus on Crime Analysis: An Exploratory Study

Venessa Garcia, Monmouth University
Brion Sever, Monmouth University

Most law enforcement departments in the U.S. have the dual roles of providing public safety and a number of social services to the community. Moreover, for a majority of law enforcement departments across the county, the most crucial resource is the law enforcement officers that they employ. Law enforcement departments differ substantially, however, in the exact manner in which they use their officers. The present study concentrates on the changing nature of the duties of personnel across police departments, particularly with regards to the crime analyst position. Specifically, we surveyed 246 police departments in a 5 county area in New Jersey to examine the amount of manpower that they dedicate to crime analysis. The type of analysis each department engages in will also be scrutinized, as will their successes and failures with such strategies.

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Updated 05/20/2006