An Analysis of the Personality Attributes of United Kingdom Police Officers in Relation to Rank and Time In-Service

Robert C. Evans, Valdosta State University
Hillary Harper, Valdosta State University
Thomas Sullenberger, Southeastern Louisiana University
Gary Copus, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The first cross-cultural research on the personalities of police confirmed the existence of a police personality, distinguishable from other personality types. This follow-up report stems from additional analysis of the personality attributes of a sample of United Kingdom police officers. The findings provide further evidence that it is their personality that is attracted to the law enforcement profession, rather than a personality that develops from training and role immersion. The personality profile revealed differences within shared personality attributes but failed to indicate a significant effect on personality in terms of rank and time in-service. The recommendation is made that the 16 PF can be a valuable asset to personnel administrators in the recruiting, selection, and training of law enforcement officers.

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Updated 05/20/2006