Traditional Organized Criminals, Hackers, Corporate Spies and Terrorists: The Coming Unification of International Organized Crime Groups in Their Quest for World Domination

Joseph L. Albini, Wayne State University

There is a war going on, a complex war taking place in the shadows where the criminals of the world hide and work. Terrorists, criminal hackers, and corporate spies have joined forces with traditional organized criminals to spin a web of cooperation based upon continuously changing but mutually - supporting patron-client relationships. These groups mock the efforts of governmental intelligence agencies as well as the efforts of international law enforcement agencies that seek to keep them under control. All too often, these criminals have technology and equipment that is equal too or, sometimes, superior to that of law enforcement agencies. These criminal networks now threaten the secure functioning of governments around the world as the criminals themselves seek to become the political functionaries of governments. It has already happened in Russia; it can happen throughout the world. This paper seeks to describe the process of this criminal interaction and offers suggestions as to how this process can be curbed and, hopefully, stopped.

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Updated 05/20/2006