Corporate Responsibility for Crime Prevention

Michelle Rogerson, Huddersfield University

Crime is a consequence of the social and business arrangements to which we subscribe and the produts and services we design and use (Pease 1998). The difficulty is that the ability to manipulate these arrangements, products and services rarely falls within the remit of traditional criminal justice system as a whole, or any one agency. Consequently significant reductions in crime can never be achieved unless the responsibility for crime prevention is widened beyond the criminal justice system. Present and future crime threats will requiire a response from industry both in the development of new tools to combat crime, and in the development of business practices that prevent the generation of criminal opportunities through the creation of criminogenic products and services. This paper aims to justify the widening of responsibility for crime prevention. It will also present some ideas on the way in which business can be encouraged to engage in and be assisted with the task of incorporating rime prevention into policy and practice.

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Updated 05/20/2006