A Meta-Analysis of Use of Force Studies: Simulations vs. Observational Research

Cedrick G. Heraux, Michigan State University

While there has been a significant amount of research conducted regarding police use of force, there has been less attention paid to how these various studies relate to one another. In the current work the intent is to conduct a meta-analysis of two different types of study on police use of force-observational research and use of stimulations. The use of force by police officers is a widely studied topic precisely because it can have severe negative consequences for police-community relations. In undertaking a meta-analysis, the object is to determine if observational research and the use of simulations identify the same variables as significant predictors. If these two types of study do indeed identify the same variables, these results can be considered to have increased validity and reliability, thereby allowing police departments to use this information in constructing policy.

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Updated 05/20/2006