An Evaluation of Public Perception Regarding Private Correctional Facilities: Using the Conceptual Orientation of Radical Conflict Criminological Theories

Christopher J. McLucas, Chesapeake West Appraisal &

A survey of 200 Texas residence revealed the public's perception of correctional facilities, privatization, privatization of prisons, capitalism, and criminal justice in capitalism. These perceptions were examined based on the conceptual orientation of radical and conflict criminological theories. According to the literature, prisons cost the taxpayers in excess of $24.5 billion each year. The increase in prison population and prison expenditures is a phenomenon that, as some theorists believe, can be explained by theoretical concepts that purport to explain the causes of crime. However, a different approach is taken in this study in which the phenomenon is explained based on the radical and conflict theories.

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Updated 05/20/2006