Providing Gender-Responsive Services to Delinquent Girls: WINGS

Susan Pennell, San Diego Association of Governments
Cynthia Burke, San Diego Association of Governments

The WINGS program (Working to Insure and Nurture Girls' Success) targets young females in San Diego County who have recently entered the justice system. The program is based on a home-visiting model in which service providers engage the girls and their families in a mutual effort to increase family communication, competency, and understanding of resources within the community. Using a classic experimental design, the impact evaluation involves documenting the girls' initial risk factors, their progress in the program, and the interventions provided, and measuring recidivist behavior and other outcomes of interest. In addition the research will identify factors that impeded or enhanced program implementation and how they affected outcomes. The current paper will describe preliminary findings from the process and impact evaluatrion approximately one year after randomization of clients began.

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Updated 05/20/2006