Managed Care and Juvenile Sex Offenders: Identifying Outcomes and Concerns of Community Based Treatment

Daniel C. Dahlgren, Kent State University, Stark Campus

Managed care policies and practices are increasingly governing court dispositions, client treatment, and efforts at correction and rehabilitation. These initiatives are designed to improve client outcome while simultaneously utilizing cost-efficient strategies of service provision. The full impact of managed care practices on correctional counseling and treatment is not known, however, juveniles within the correctional system are particularly at risk given their relatively powerles position. The focus of the present study is to identify and examine the effects of managed care on a population of juvenile sex offenders receiving community based treatment. Utilizing the field methods of intensive interviews, open-ended questionnaires, document analysis, and participant observation; various client concerns, treatment issues, and purported outcomes are identified and discussed with various professionals in the field.

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Updated 05/20/2006