The Impact of Pre-Dispositional Detention on Subsequent Case Processing Outcomes of Violent Youths in Juvenile and Adult Court

David L. Myers, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kraig Kiehl, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Past research suggests that the pre-dispositional detention of juvenile offenders produces significant adverse consequences on case processing outcomes. Using data pertaining to 557 violent youthful offenders from Pennsylvania, this study will further examine the impact of pre-dispositional detention on the subsequent case processing of both the 419 youths who were retained in juvenile, court and the 138 offenders who were transferred to adult court. Quantative analyses will focus on whether pre-dispositional detention increases the likelihood of conviction, the likelihood of incarceration, and the length of incarceration, while controlling for a variety of legal and social factors. Separate models will be utilized to consider if different factors play a greater or lesser role in juvenile versus adult court.

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Updated 05/20/2006