Case Study Findings From the National Evaluation of SafeFutures

Mary E. Kopczynski, The Urban Institute

The national cross-site evaluation of the SafeFutures initiative uses multiple methods to measure program and client outcomes. In 2000, case studies involving selected SafeFutures youth and their caregiver(s) were conducted across the six SafeFutures communities. Initially, sites selected cases that reflected favorable outcomes with respect to client results or system enhancements. Subsequently, sites were asked to identify cases that had disappointing results for one reason or another. Data collected during the course of these interviews offer a detailed view of the type of problems/issues presented by Safe/Futures clients, the program's response to these needs, the respondents' perception of the outcomes, and the reasons for these outcomes. This paper presents findings from these case studies. Recommendations for program improvement are also discussed.

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Updated 05/20/2006