Restorative Justice Conferences and Youth Re-Offending

Kathleen Olivares, Indiana University and Hudson Institute
Natalie Kroovand Hipple, Indiana University and Hudson Institute
Edmund F. McGarrell, Indiana University and Hudson Institute

The Hudson Institute, in collaboration with Indiana University-Bloomington has been conducting a multi-year experiment in the use of restorative justice conferences as an alternative response to juvenile crime. The primary aim of the project is to determine the effectiveness of the restorative justice conferencing program compared with other types of juvenile court diversion programs. While this study employs both process and outcome measures, the focus of this paper will be on the impact of restorative justice conferencing on future offending. Specifically, recidivism rates of restorative justice conference participants will be compared to youths that were eligible for, but not assigned to, the restorative justice program. The relationshiup between messages of reintegrative shaming abd re-offending is also analyzed.

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Updated 05/20/2006