An Evaluation of the Impact of Parole Supervision on Parolee Outcomes in Colorado

Joshua S. Meisel, Division of Youth Corrections

There was a great deal of interest during the 1990s in juvenile aftercare models of parolee supervision. While aftercare programs have varied significantly in their attention to assessment, case management, and service brokerage, among other areas, they have shared a common emphasis on combining intensive surveillance with the provision of treatment services. Yet the determination of an optimal length of parole supervision has been largely overlooked. This study seeks to understand how different parole supervision "packages" differentially impact parolee outcomes while holding length of time on parole constant. Drawing on a sample (n=278) of juveniles entering parole in 1998, this study examines the impact of parole supervision on reoffending outcomes controlloing for parolee risk and length of time on parole.

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Updated 05/20/2006