Recidivism Rates of Participants in Oklahoma's Nighttime Incarceration: Was it Worth the Effort?

Thomas E. James, University of Oklahoma
Susan Marcus-Mendoza, University of Oklahoma
Marcus Martin
Kathy Hall, University of Oklahoma

Recidivism rates and costs associated with offenders participating in an intermediate sanction in the state of Oklahoma known as The Nighttime Incarceration Program will be examined. This intermediate sanction was intended to increase the capacity of nonviolent, repeat offenders to cope with daily life and enhance the likelihood of their successful reintegration back into their communities. The program was unique in that offenders who participated in it were not eligible for probation and would have been incarcerated in a state prison had this type of intermediate sanction not been in place. Recidivism outcomes will be assessed across a range of demographic, criminal history, and case characteristics variables and compared to recidivism rates of offenders placed in prison during the same time period.

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Updated 05/20/2006