Implementation of the Extended Willard Drug Treatment Program in New York

Robin W. Shacket, The Vera Institute of Justice
Steven Wood, The Vera Institute of Justice

The Willard Drug Treatment Program is a prison diversion program for nonviolent, substance-abusing, second felony offenders in New York State. Offenders sentenced to Willard participate in a 90-day boot camp-like program, after which they attend an outpatient treatment program and are on intensive parole supervision. Although the program has been in existence since 1995, the state recently created a new "Extended Willard" model, which adds a 6-month stay in a community residential treatment program following the initial 90-day phase. The Vera Institute of Justice is currently evaluating this Extended Willard program, as it is being pilot-tested in two New York City counties. Findings from the first year of the project will focus on process issues involved in implementing this new version of the program. Subjects covered by the process evaluation include selection criteria, treatment phases, and monitoring/reporting issues. The research design for an outcome evaluation will also be discussed; topics include the selection of comparison groups and outcome measures.

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Updated 05/20/2006