An Examination of the Impact of Extra-Legal Factors on Hate Crime Reporting

Phillip Neil Quisenberry, University of Kentucky
Graham Ousey, University of Kentucky

Hate crime is a relatively new crime category, thus, there has not been an extensive amount of research devoted to its study. Although the research on hate-motivated crimes is limited, there is a wealth of research on crime issues, allowing us to infer much of this research to hate crimes. For example, although extra-legal factors have been examined regarding their impact on crime statistics, they have not been examined for their effect on hate crime recording. Therefore, in the present study, we investigate issue salience as an extra-legal factor and whether it influences the recording of bias-motivated crimes. We use time series analysis to examine national data on both issue salience and hate crimes. As a result, we should be able to determine if hate crime reporting is affected by extra-legal factors such as issue salience, thus making a contribution to the growing literature on hate crimes.

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Updated 05/20/2006