The Story of Their Lives: Gang-Involved Girls in Chicago

Rodney K. Brunson, University of Illinois at Chicago

This research involves comparative analyses of gang and non-gang involved female adolescents who reside in an established gang city. Those not gang involved will have been exposed to gang activity via their neighborhood. This examination concerns the impact of a myriad of conditions on gang membership, criminality and gender. The life courses of respondents will be specifically examined in an attempt to identify variables or events which may have influenced gang membership. Likewise, the project will attempt to locate those factors that account for those who do not report gang involvement employing dissimilar options. This approach is cognizant that different individuals may have experienced different events and may therefore require unique variables to interpret their subsequent behavior or life choices. The use of individual time-line trajectories might help explain a wide range of behaviors. This approach may enable policy makers to determine when to introduce intervention(s) as well as identifying the appropriate prevention strategies.

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Updated 05/20/2006