Gangs and Shootings in South Manchester, UK

Karen Bullock, Home Office, London

Youth gangs and gang related violence is of growing concern for the police and policy makers in the United Kingdom. In particular, gang related shootings have been increasing in Manchester in recent years. This paper will describe findings from recent research funded by the UK Home Office into gangs in South Manchester. The research forms part of a problem-oriented approach aimed at reducing gang related shootings in Manchester and in part follows the methodology of Operation Ceasefire in Boston, Massachusetts (Braga,, 1999). The paper will describe the characteristics of youth gangs and gang members in South Manchester, UK. Focusing on the charateristics of the offenders and victims, it will describe the nature and extent of gang related shootings in this area over the last three years. The paper will seek to draw broad comparisons between the characteristics of youth gangs in the UK and the USA. It will also describe recent UK policies to tackle the problem and examine the progress of their impact.

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Updated 05/20/2006