Preliminary Results From the Breaking the Cycle Demonstration Project: Tacoma, WA

Ojmarrh Mitchell, The Urban Institute
Adele V. Harrell, The Urban Institute
Alexa Hirst, The Urban Institute

Breaking the Cycle (BTC) is a multi-site demonstration project designed to reduce substance abuse and criminal activity amongst drug-involved offenders. BTC is being demonstrated in three jurisdictions with support from the National Institute of Justice and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. BTC is designed to increase the early identification of drug-involved arrestees, place defendants in treatment shortly after entering the justice system, treat clients throughout their period of supervision, monitor clients progress, and sanction non-compliant defendants using structured sanctions. This presentation reports the preliminary findings from the quasi-experimental impact evaluation of BTC in Tacoma, Washington (N=815). Outcomes analyzed include drug use and recidivism. Particular attention is given to explicating the statistical methods used to overcome sample selection bias, and the results from various models are contrasted.

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Updated 05/20/2006