Interpersonal Conflict ManagemInterpersonal Conflict Management Interventions in Schools: Exploring Moderators and Mediators of Program Effectiveness

Wendy M. Garrard, Vanderbilt University

Rising public concern about aggressive behavior among school-age youth has led to increased interest in programs that teach conflict management skills. These programs address interpersonal behaviors and cognitions related to self-control and impulsivity, social problem solving, interpersonal attributions, and communication skills. Previous research has suggested that the effectiveness of these programs is moderated by cognitive development (age/maturity) and individual risk level, as well as by the various combinations of program elements. This meta-analysis examines over 200 conflict management interventions such as anger management, social skills training, and dispute mediation. The analysis identifies key moderating variables, explores mediating processes linking changes in different outcome variables, and highlights the characteristics of promising programs for a range of youth populations.

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Updated 05/20/2006