Evaluating Inconsistencies and Irregularities in International Homicide Statistics

W.S. Wilson Huang, Valdosta State University

This study intends to evaluate the discrepancies between data reported by the International Crime Police Organization (Interpol) and United Nations Crime Survey (UNCS). Literature in cross-national analysis of crime has shown that some nations have reported their data inconsistently across crime indicators or erratically over years. But prior research has not established a systematic method to detect these inconsistencies and irregularities, and fails to examine the nature and pattern of these reporting discrepancies. The present study attempts to identify those nations which had reporting discrepancies in the two measurement systems. The study will also explore the causes of reporting discrepancies and offer suggestions to adjust for these reporting errors. Homicide data reported by Interpol and UNCS for the years 1975 to 1994 will be analyzed.

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Updated 05/20/2006