Measurement Issues in Studying Victimization Among Adolescents: Results of a Pilot Study

Deanna L. Wilkinson, Temple University
Patrick McConnell, Temple University

Despite the growing interest in empirically studying victimization experiences among minority adolescents careful attention to measure problems in this area. This paper describes efforts to develop appropriate survey-based measures in preparation for a large-scale survey of adolescent victims by employing several recommended strategies: a review of existent literature and survey instruments, focus groups with potential research respondents, "think-aloud" interviews with 15 respondents, and field pretesting of the survey instrument with a sample of 60 adolescent victims (Fowler, 1995). The survey instrument includes both closed- and open-ended questions selected from over forty available instruments and interview protocols published in criminology, public health, sociology, and psychology. The paper will document the development processes in detail.

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Updated 05/20/2006